Staying Productive While Working Mobile

Staying Productive While Working Mobile

Being able to choose where to work definitely has its perks. One can be more relaxed, save money on transportation and rent, and spend more time with family. However, there can be times when it can be difficult to focus, whether it’s because of playful kids or being distracted by scenery. Here are some tips to make sure that job gets done.

1. Designate a time to respond to work emails

Working mobile means that there are times you are always on the road, focusing on completing projects, or getting multiple notifications and calls throughout the day. However, always dedicate a specific time during your day to answer emails, especially those that can be done within a few minutes. For other lengthier requests, set a reminder so you won’t forget to response.

2. Learn what helps you focus

For some people, they work best with calming music. Others, they need to unplug from the world and turn-off all notifications. Figure out what works for you so you don’t get distracted from finishing the task at hand.

3. Set deadlines and goals

Just because you are not in the office surrounded by coworkers doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world to finish your work. To make sure you stay productive, set deadlines for yourself. For extra motivation, if you finish a job early, give yourself a treat such as a longer break, grabbing a snack in your favorite café, or bringing your kids to a movie.

4. Create a schedule

Sometimes, a routine can definitely help you stay productive. Determine what activities you need to do everyday that can be done at a specific time frame and stick to it, such as dropping kids of in school, going to the gym, or a conference call with the team. This will help give your week a certain structure and will force you to be disciplined when it comes to managing your time.

5. You time is important too!

Just because you are working at home or on the road doesn’t mean you have to dedicate every hour for work. There are times that people forget to have a proper lunch break or stretch their legs. Set an alarm and have at least an hour of me time. It will be good for both your mind and body and you will end up being more productive once you have been re-charged.


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