August 18, 2015 04:59:11 AM


Many dream of having their own business. Many have made this into reality while others continue on dreaming trying to figure out the right time. If you are one of those many individuals who share this dream of becoming an entrepreneur, the time is now!

You may argue that it is difficult to start right now but nothing is really ever easy. For future entrepreneurs, understand that you need to take small steps. Take that first one to eventually get to your goals. You will never be an entrepreneur if you don’t make that first move.  As Adelaide Lancaster pointed out in her article “4 To-Dos for the “Someday” Entrepreneur” there are a few things that you can do to get you started in becoming an entrepreneur someday.

  • Make new friends - One of the best ways to learn what entrepreneurship is really like is by getting to know some entrepreneurs.
  • Pick Some New Role Models - it’s important to identify role models who are a little more established in the business world.
  • Fall in Love with Small Business as a Customer-There’s a certain romance to small business. As a customer, there’s always something more special about the experience.
  • Demystify “Business” Speak – Do not overestimate the skills and knowledge that are needed to run a business and assume that there are huge mountains to be climbed and learning curves to overcome before even getting started.

These four things do not really need any monetary capital output. It just needs your time and effort.  They can give you the knowledge and insight of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The experiences of others can be a good motivation and example.  For those who have fears and doubts, this is an opportunity to shed some light and answer your question. Usually what we are afraid of is only the unknown.
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