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About Us

As Business owners it is important to hire the right individuals. The people you employ would either help expand or derail the company goals.  That is why many companies spend a lot of money during recruitment so that they get the best candidates.  However, companies or people in recruitment can often forget that during this process, it’s not only the potential employee who can fail in the job interview.

Businesses need to be reminded that they too can lose great employees simply because they did not do the interview process properly. The right employees are not the only ones selling themselves during an interview, recruitment goes both ways. As much as these individuals want jobs, they do want the right company hiring them. As owners of small businesses, we usually wear different hats to run the business. When you have your recruitment/HR hat on take note of a few things that are most likely overlooked during a job interview.

  • Punctuality – As much as you demand the candidate to come on time, you too should start the interview on time.  It is poor business practice to let candidates wait for a long period. It shows that your company does not respect their time and do not value time.
  • Preparedness - Be ready when you do your interviews. Know who you are interviewing. Make sure you’ve read their resume and you know their name. It wouldn’t be appropriate seeing scurrying around looking for a place to interview your candidate while he or she waits.
  • Attitude - Your attitude greatly reflects your company. Aggressive or “confrontational” interviewing method, where you challenge their answers is the least effective way of getting answers that you want. The candidate is already nervous and you adding to that may be counterproductive.
  • Job Description and Explanation – Another negative feedback from candidates during an interview is when their interview fails to disclose or explain what the job is all about and what they can expect. It would be difficult for anyone to accept a job position that is unclear.
  • Poor Communication – There are many times that the interviewer is not the decision maker; however it is still important that they are able to convey to the job seeker what is to be expected during the process. They should be able to provide the right information at the right time.
  • Hiring Process – This is one, if not the biggest concern for applicants. Not letting job applicants know what is happening during the recruitment process and providing no feedback post interview. You can lose prime candidates because of this
  • Post Interview Feedback – Many who have gone through a job interview more or less knows how it feels to be kept hanging. This usually happens when someone else is responsible in making decisions. As much as possible provide feedback so that you can set the right expectations.

Hiring the right people is never easy. That is why some companies would even result to getting external help in their recruitment process. Candidates are not the only ones selling themselves to get hired. There is a need as business owners to sell your company to them as well. Give them reasons why they would want to work for you and during an interview would be the best way to show them why. 


About Us
MyOffice is a virtual office and coworking space located in the Philippines. Established in 2004, the company currently has three branches in the country's financial districts Makati City and Bonifacio Global City. MyOffice offers various business solutions and work spaces that cater to the needs of start-ups, freelancers, and mobile entrepreneurs. Services include us of business address for permits, inquiry handling, call answering and transfer, PO box, meeting rooms, private offices, and many more.