Business Permit and Registration Renewal Guide for January 20161

October 15, 2015 04:24:15 PM

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In a few months, we will be welcoming 2016. With the New Year come new resolutions and opportunities. However, it also comes with a few “must-do” tasks, that people have a tendency to do last minute, such as renewal of business permits.

Good thing our friends at FullSuite, Inc. put together a step-by-step guide to help you renew your barangay permit, mayor permit, and business registration, before the January 20, 2016 deadline.

1. Barangay Permit Renewal

A renewed Barangay Permit, also known as Barangay Clearance, is necessary for acquiring a new mayor’s permit from the city hall. Typically, if you apply for the renewal in the morning, you can get your new Barangay Permit the same day.


  • Original copy of the Barangay Permit from the previous year
  • Original copy of the Official Receipt from the previous year


  1. Go to the barangay hall and get the corresponding renewal application form. Fill out the form and submit it together with the requirements at the Barangay Permit Division.
  2. Wait for your form and requirements to be assessed.
  3. If there are no corrections or missing requirements, you’ll be instructed to pay the corresponding fees.
  4. Take note of the stamped release date on the official receipt to know when you can claim your new Barangay Permit.

Processing Time: 1 day.

2. Mayor’s/Business Permit Renewal

As soon as you have your new Barangay Permit, you’re now ready to process the renewal of your Mayor’s/Business Permit.


  • New Barangay Permit
  • Original copy of the Mayor’s/Business Permit from the previous year
  • Original copy of Proof of Payment (official receipt) for last year’s Mayor’s/Business Permit
  • Income Statement for the previous year—audited or unaudited.
  • Contract of Lease for 2016 (or covering stay during 2016)
  • Local Insurance (Paid at the City Hall or other accredited companies)
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC), also known as Cedula acquired from the City Hall.


  1. Get the required application form at Business Permits and Licensing Office at the municipal hall to which your business operates. Accomplish said form and submit it together with the requirements for evaluation.
  2. Wait for your accomplished form and submitted requirements to be assessed. If there are no corrections or missing documents, the assessor will tell you to proceed to the payment section.
  3. Pay for the fees specified by the assessor at the City Treasurer’s Office.
  4. As soon as payment is processed, you’ll be given a receiving copy of payment from the City Treasurer’s Office. The receiving copy must be presented when you claim your Mayor’s Permit.
  5. Claim your new Mayor’s Permit, as indicated on the date stamped on the official receipt.

Processing Time: 1 to 2 weeks depending on the volume of renewal transactions. 

*Requirements of local government units (LGU) vary based on location. Refer to your LGU for specific or additional requirements.

3. Renewal of Business Registration

Now that you have taken care of renewing the necessary Barangay Clearance and Mayor’s Permit for your business, you can proceed with the renewal of your business registration.

It is very important to file your annual business registration at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) not later than January 31 to not incur penalties. Fines range from PHP 5,000 to PHP 20,000.

Take note of the following requirements and processes needed in renewing your business registration.



  1. Go to your Revenue District Office (RDO) and have the officer-of-the-day assess your requirement. You may check your designated RDO from the BIR website.
  2. Pay the specified annual registration fee (PHP 500) at any bank that is duly accredited by the BIR in your RDO. As mandated by law, the annual registration fee is needed for every separate or distinct establishment or place of business. The Revenue Regulations 11-2008 provides details on this provision:
    1. Sales outlet or establishment covered by one business/trade name situated in one location or building; 
    2. Every line of business of an individual covered by a separate business name approved by the Department of Trade and Industry even though situated in one and the same location;
    3. Facility with administrative office;
    4. Each franchise/Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) which the transportation operator owns or operates, regardless of the number of units under each franchise/CPC; 
    5. Real properties for lease with administrative office;
    6. Each “exit/entry” gate, regardless of the number of booths accepting toll fees thereat;
    7. Unmanned sales outlets/service equipment such as automated vending machines (AVMs), automated ticket dispensing machines, automated teller machines (ATMs), and the like;
    8. Mobile store/stall/booth/kiosk that does not maintain a fixed place of business; and,
    9. Other separate or distinct establishments, which conduct sales transactions independent of the head office.

Still want someone to help you out? Give us a call; we can connect you to our friends in FullSuite, Inc.


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