If you’re a budding entrepreneur or freelancer concerned about the high cost of office space, a virtual office could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

As we all know, virtual business practices have become more common due to the ease and convenience that technology brings in today’s digital age. Working and conducting business can now be done entirely via digital means, even from the comfort of one’s home. This is how virtual offices came to be.

A virtual office is a type of flexible office that allows businesses to have a registered business address and professional services without needing to pay for physical office space. That way, no matter what size your company is, you can maintain a professional image while also staying within your financial means.

Here’s how a virtual office can be the perfect partner to your business:

1. It Helps You Save Time

A virtual office rescues you from having to perform time-consuming tasks. A virtual office is not just designed to provide a business address but also to help you perform multiple tasks at once. Duties include professional services like inquiry handling, mail forwarding and receiving, scanning to email, meeting space, call answering services, and virtual receptionists. Instead of finding and training new front desk staff, the virtual office relieves you of that burden. Your day-to-day administrative activities and phone calls are handled by an experienced virtual team rather than yourself.

Moreover, renting a virtual office can save you the trouble of energy-sapping rush hour traffic and cramped public transportation. You’ll be more productive because you won’t be wasting time commuting or managing office space. You’ll have more time on your hands and be able to work from any location you choose. This gives each entrepreneur or freelancer the freedom to choose their ideal work environment to maximize their time and productivity.

2. It Helps You Save Money

Let’s face it: the cost of buying, constructing, or renting a physical office can put a severe blow in your bank account. But don’t worry! Renting a virtual office space is a bargain compared to renting an actual physical office. For instance, a virtual office package at MyOffice costs as little as 1,000 pesos per month. With that amount, you’ll be able to launch your business with the necessary requirements, such as a physical address for registration and permits, a mailbox, and phone answering. If you need additional features to complete your virtual experience, a virtual office also offers meeting space, private office/desk space, a dedicated phone number, SMS/Email alerts, a mailbox locker, fax handling, mail forwarding, scan-to-email, and call transfer.

Besides rent, you’ll also save money on utilities, maintenance, and other costs of having a physical office like office furniture, supplies, equipment, janitorial service, and expenses for hiring, training, compensation, and legal benefits for employees.

Moreover, the ability to conduct business in other countries without having to incur the cost of travel is another benefit of renting a virtual office. You can do business in any international region without obtaining a visa or pass-through immigration.

When you don’t have to spend money on renting or leasing agreements and other overhead costs, this money can be used for other purposes, such as supporting your business or rewarding your team.

3. It Helps you Work Mobile

Suppose you are a foreign entrepreneur looking to test the waters in a new area by simply establishing a mailing address but working from home. In that case, a virtual office space with an experienced virtual team will make this possible. A new physical address for mail and phone calls can help your business expand its customer base without incurring high overhead expenses and leaving your own country (or even your own home).

Virtual offices are well-versed in the technologies they use in conjunction with the virtual office environment. In MyOffice, there’s even an exclusive MyOffice Application that immediately updates and connects our members with us for immediate support.

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