Low Cost Ways to Brighten Up Your Space When Working in a Virtual Office

Low Cost Ways to Brighten Up Your Space When Working in a Virtual Office


So, you finally chose the right virtual office or coworking space to call your home. You moved in and you’re ready to work. Thing is, the space still doesn’t feel quite right. True, the space itself is quite beautiful and the community is great, but sometimes, you still want your little workspace to feel like your own.

Don’t worry, here are some affordable tips on how you can jazz up your cubicle or work desk for you to feel more at home.

Put Life on Your Walls

Adding colors and textures can go a long way to brighten your work place and make you feel more motivated to get things done. Why not stick some colorful cloth to cover the gray, boring material of the divider? Or hang up some photos of family and friends, or anything that inspires you?

Or why not surround yourself with motivational quotes? This way, should you feel down, looking at your work desk will give you that little push you need to get stuff done.

Plants to Add Some Zen

Having a small plant will definitely add some life on your work desk. Plus, the color green is known to help people feel calm and levelheaded. Not sure you are ready to commit to water a plant everyday? Even a fake plant can still give your workspace that homey feel.

Organizers: Practical and Eye-Catching

Most of us have a corkboard or bulletin boards on our desk to help us keep track of things we need to do. Elevate it a step further by adding color and designs to make it eye-catching. Post-it notes, colored paper, unique thumbtacks, and so many other materials can be used to make your boards stand out.

Another way it to have containers that you can use to arrange your office supplies and other materials. You can purchase those, create your own via origami, or reuse old containers such as shoe boxes and fruit trays and use your own creativity skills to decorate them.

Spruce Up Your Chair

Sitting on a chair for 8 hours straight can be uncomfortable. Why not throw in a nice pillow? Not only will this help you stay comfortable, a colorful pillow will make your desk unique.

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