5 Tips on Working with Virtual Teams

5 Tips on Working with Virtual Teams

As people embrace the mobile work style and more companies are looking to expand globally, having virtual teams is becoming more common in both long established companies and growing start-ups. Working with your teams virtually can have many advantages, such as being able to hire talent from around the world, flexibility when it comes to work schedule, and can even cut costs as you no longer have to move them to one office. However, there can be challenges as well when you can’t physically check on your team.

Here are some tips to manage your team no matter where you are.

1. Define the Work

People have different work styles and have different standards. It’s best to make your team understand early on their parameters, the quality of work they need to deliver, and the tasks they need to accomplish within a time period. It will also be good that they are able to see the bigger picture and what goals the company is trying to accomplish. It will give them a sense of accountability and help them focus on the end goal whenever they start on a task.

2. Take Advantage of Communication and Project Management Tools

It is important to have a main communication tool because: a.) Streamlines and unifies all processes, communications, and instructions, b.) Gives a sense of importance and urgency when a person receives a message from that platform, and c.) Makes the team feel they belong in one group. There are also many tools these days that are perfect just for this, such as Trello, Slack, Bitrix, and the recently launched Facebook Work. Just choose which one works best for you and your good to go!

3. Have Regular Meetings (Preferably via Video Call)

It is important to have regular meetings with your team because it makes all your employees feel that they are part of a team, while being able to align with each other when it comes to progress, opportunities, and challenges the company is currently facing.

4. Maintain a Work Environment and Culture

Setting a professional or company standard will help put people in the right mindset for work.  Instilling a certain work culture will also maintain a certain standard when your team needs to coordinate with clients, investors, and others- which will greatly reflect on your company’s image.

5. Create Relationships With Your Team Members

We are all social beings and we do need to talk about other things aside from work. Have meaningful and informal conversations with one another. Set aside time to just play a game together or get to know each other. Even in an online setting, there are still fun and creative ways to get to know each other, which will make your team feel that they truly belong to the company.


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