The Rise of Seat Leasing in the Philippines (And Why You Should Definitely Try It Out)

The Rise of Seat Leasing in the Philippines (And Why You Should Definitely Try It Out)

Filipino millennials are known to embrace the mobile workstyle where many of them think that work can be done anytime and anywhere- as long as they have the right tools such as a smartphone and Internet access. This workstyle makes them feel that they are more productive as they have control over their time. Because of these, this new work force prefer renting out seats or hot desks in shared offices such as coworking spaces and virtual offices. It is no surprise then that the seat leasing industry in the country is on the rise with many local and foreign brands popping around the metro.

Not sure if you want to try this rising trend? Here are some reasons why Filipino millennials love this new way of working (and why you should too).

1. Flexibility and mobility

Seat leasing offers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to working. Need a place to concentrate and work for a hour or 2? Just drop by a virtual office or coworking space, grab a seat, and start working! This is really convenient especially to those who travel a lot or would rather work at home but need a change of scenery once in a while.

Some entrepreneurs would sometimes rent out a seat for a day, week, or even a whole month, just to make sure they have a place to work when they need it.

2. Affordable

In Manila, a desk can cost P100-P500 an hour depending on the location. Renting a permanent desk on the other hand is P8, 000-P10, 000 a month. In MyOffice, you can rent a desk starting at P125/hour with options in Makati or BGC. Compared to renting a full office plus paying for bills and furnishing, this is not bad, right?

3. Accessible

Most of these shared offices are located in the center of the country’s financial district, which means that there are many transportation options. This is great for those who need to visit potential clients or have meetings in another company’s office because most of the time all of these will be in the same area.

4. Inspirational

Sometimes, we need to get extra motivation to do our work. Leasing a seat in a shared space means not only will you be inspired with your new atmosphere; you will get to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals. Just talking to these other people may give the creativity boost you may just need.


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