Tips on Conducting a Successful Training Session

Tips on Conducting a Successful Training Session

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Whether it is your job to help individuals learn new skills or you just want your company employees to be motivated and have better teamwork, conducting training sessions is no easy task. You will need to prepare a number of materials and think of creative activities that will help your participants understand the topic in just a few hours. Because of this, we gathered a few tips that will help you have a smooth and successful training session.

1. Know your audience

Before you start preparing your materials, you need to know your participants first. How old are they? Where are they from? What language/s do they speak? Are they all science majors or are they from diverse educational backgrounds? How knowledgeable are they of the subject?

Knowing these will help you be able to create a plan that will be easier for your audience to comprehend.

2. Outline the objectives

Whenever you start a session, it would be good to outline the objectives of the program. This will guide the participants throughout the day and set expectations on what they need to accomplish. This will also be a reminder for you on what needs to be achieved within your timeframe and help you get back on track should you or the participants stray away from the topic.

3. Get interactive

If you will just have your participants sit and listen to you speak while you show charts the whole day, you will quickly lose the attention of your audience and they will never grasp the subject you are trying to teach them.

Why not create group activities where the participants can apply the skills they learned? A lot of trainers would conduct breakout sessions where they would put together people based on their background, skill level, or even just randomly assign people to a certain group. Here, they will be tasked to complete a certain assignment within a timeframe by applying the skills they just learned. This will not just help them comprehend the concepts faster; they will be able to make new friends along the way.

Another suggestion is to ask questions. Encourage your audience to participate and be involved in the discussion.

4. Post-seminar application

Even after the most engaging and fun-filled training session, people will always have the tendency to forget. It will be great if you can prepare some materials that they can keep like a summary of what they learned or a daily checklist. You can also give them a group homework where you will check up on them a week or two later. Giving a prize to accomplished assignments optional.

Have other training tips that we didn’t mention? We would love to hear about it!

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